AWS PLunger

Achieve that driver feel, with a tactile and realistic desktop USB AWS Plunger.

TS Controllers is pleased to announce the first product from our new hardware range: The AWS Plunger. Made to replicate the tactile response of a real world AWS plunger thereby increasing immersion in Train Simulator Classic and Train Sim World. The AWS Plunger is made with high quality components and a rugged ABS plastic enclosure. This plug and play USB device is a must have for those looking to experience a higher realism factor across the Train Simulators.

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  • Solid AWS plunger and durable ABS plastic enclosure with anti-slip feet.
  • Plug and play USB with no setup required.
  • Compatible with Train Simulator Classic (TS 2020) and Train Sim world

Purchase now from our exclsuive resller Alan Thomson Sim