Power Brake Controller

The ultimate controller for Train Simulation. Coming soon...

Made to replicate the tactile response of a real world Combined Throttle Brake Controller thereby increasing immersion in Train Simulator Classic and Train Sim World. The PBC is designed to provide an ultra realistic experience,   and is a must have for those looking to experience a higher realism factor across the Train Simulators.

Pre-production model shown

The custom designed throttle handle is modelled on real world driving handles, and provides 4 notches for braking and upto 7 notches for power. The unit includes a 4 position reverser switch, along with a Master Key type switch.

An optional two-tone horn joytick is also available.

  • High quality controller unit, weighing in at a solid 1.6kg, constructed from a combination of steel and plastic.
  • Includes software for interfacing with Train Simulator, and configuring the controller.
  • Compatible with Train Simulator Classic (TS 2020) and partially supported with Train Sim World
  • Works with all trains with a combined throttle and brake lever, plus also works as a throttle only controller.

Available to purchase soon from exclusive reseller Alan Thomson Sim